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Dead Folks’ Blues (Harry James Denton Series #1)

Thirty-something, divorced, and working part-time as a car repossessor to stay out of the poorhouse, ex-newspaperman turned private detective Harry James Denton needs any client he can get. It’s just his luck that the first person to waltz into his Nashville office is Rachel Fletcher, the woman who stole—then broke—his heart in college. Now the man she married is in big trouble, and Rachel wants Harry to forget about yesterday and make sure her husband lives to see tomorrow.

Dead Folks’ Blues won the Edgar Allan Poe Award as Best Original Paperback.

Torch Town Boogie (Harry James Denton Series #2)

Nashville P.I. Harry James Denton is looking for another case–and he gets one when the magnificent mansion across the street from his apartment is consumed in a suspicious fire. The blaze has all the scorch marks of the East Nashville Arsonist, a phantom firebug whose burning desire seems to be driving gentrifiers out of Harry’s funky, rundown neighborhood. This time, though, the modus operandi includes murder.

Torch Town Boogie was nominated for the Shamus Award as Best Original Paperback.

Way Past Dead (Harry James Denton Series #3)

With his girlfriend held hostage by a group of cult religious fanatics in armed Winnebagos and his cash flow down to a slow drip, Nashville P.I. Harry James Denton is looking for any case he can find. When rising country music singer Rebecca Gibson is found beaten to death, a heap of damning evidence points to her ex-husband—and Harry’s pal—Slim Gibson. Harry digs into the case and discovers the dark history of a marriage made somewhere south of Heaven, somewhere deep in the cutthroat heart of the country music business, where deceit, betrayal, passion and vengeance are not only sung about… they’re lived and died.

Way Past Dead was nominated for the Shamus Award.

Nobody’s Chain Lays Straight (Harry James Denton Series #4)

Harry James Denton is no fool, but his search for a rich runaway, drug-addled teen, Stacey Jameson, takes him to the seamy and very wild side of Nashville. “Nobody’s chain lays straight,” a friend tells Harry. But Stacey’s chain is especially twisted, with links that lead back to a family filled with secrets.

Nobody’s Chain Lays Straight was nominated for the Shamus Award and the Anthony Award.

A Manual Of Murder (Harry James Denton Series #5)

The bestselling toast of Tennessee, author Robert Jefferson Reed has made big bucks with his little book of folksy homilies like “Never Go To Bed Angry” and “Eat Your Vegetables.” He should have added “Don’t Commit Murder.” For when Reed’s wife hires P.I. Harry James Denton to catch her hubby in a tryst with a sexy secretary, Harry find the author of “Life’s Little Maintenance Manual” strangled and drowned in his own hot tub… And before Harry even realizes it, he’s #1 with a bullet on the list of suspects.

A Manual Of Murder was nominated for both the Edgar Award and the Anthony Award, and won the Shamus Award as Best Original Paperback.

Dirty Money (Harry James Denton Series #6)

How did Nashville P.I. Harry James Denton wind up working as a maintenance man in the world’s most famous whorehouse? Because the Feds made him a deal: help smoke out a money-laundering operation secretly being run in Reno’s notorious, legendary, legal cathouse, the Mustang Ranch.

After failing to reconcile with his ex-, who’s about to give birth to their daughter, doing some simple snooping in a house full of gorgeous girls sounds like a good deal. But it turns out to be a raw deal when one of the Mustang girls turns up murdered and Harry is the prime suspect. The only way to save his neck is to risk it–and that means making a Nevada-sized gamble that he can corner a killer who holds all the aces…

Dirty Money was nominated for the Shamus Award.

Politics Sucks With Just A Few Modest Proposals That Might Make It All Suck A Little Less

WPS WEB PROMO largeThe 21st century has not been kind to most of us. The worst economy of our lives, endless wars, and a political system that seems more corrupt and dysfunctional than ever. Many people feel disconnected, abandoned, and left behind in this new century, which may explain both the rise of Donald Trump on the right and Bernie Sanders on the left.

We all just want to throw the bums out and start over again.

Why Politics Sucks is the first in a series of eight “broadsides” that will examine issues in contemporary American life. Contemporary politics, according to Womack, has descended into a cesspool of influence buying, lobbying, and pandering to the worst instincts in our national psyche. Our political life has never seemed more toxic, angry, bitter, and out-of-touch with the realities of American life. Our infrastructure decays, our children fall behind the rest of the world in education, the middle class disappears, while the poor, sick, and elderly are abandoned to survive as best they can. Meanwhile, the corporations, the connected, the powerful and the wealthy have literally raced to outbid each other for control of what should be our government.Womack reveals, politics has never been a pretty business. From the earliest days of the republic, politicians, legal scholars, and ordinary citizens have struggled to even figure out what corruption is. How does a democracy exist when it is for sale to the highest bidder?

All is not lost, though. Womack offers, as the subtitle suggests, a few modest proposals that might just turn things around and make politics suck just a little less.

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ICE ON THE WING: Essays On Life And Other Difficult Situations

…began as a collection of columns about the personal, political, and parenting experiences of a thirty-and then-forty-something writer who experienced the world in fifty shades of black. Except when it came to her daughter, who reminded the author that every now and then, the angels do prevail…

Originally published in a variety of newspapers and magazines, these columns centered on author Shalynn Ford Womack’s experiences as a working single parent who homeschooled her gifted daughter, while also taking care of an aging, disabled parent.

Her struggles with relationships, money, marriage, and divorce will resonate against the experiences of an entire generation of women like herself.

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Attachment: Four Stories of Love and Loss.

In these four short stories, Shalynn Ford Womack depicts loss as the one enduring constant of the human condition. The award-winning One Afternoon In The House of Numb illustrates the violence of poverty and the permanent scars that it leaves behind. The Mistake explores the psychic landscape of a troubled woman at the end of her rope. In Good Cat, readers meet an unforgettable throwaway who inspires great love and loyalty in a young girl. Originally written in 1983, the award-winning When They Were Famous is a cautionary tale about the perils of fame and love gone terribly awry. These stories of misfortune do not offer formulaic happy endings, nor even bright beginnings. They are merely stories of true love and real loss.

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