Welcome To The New Age Of Publishing!

Spearhead Press was created out of a combination of passion and frustration. Most writers today find the traditional New York publishing industry almost completely inaccessible. It’s become a closed fraternity and harder to break into than ever before. There are only about a half-dozen major publishers left in New York, and unless you’re a New York Times best-seller or a promising new voice, it’s practically impossible to get anyone’s attention.

And if you do get lucky enough to get a traditional publishing deal, heaven help you if you don’t get the numbers the big houses expect…

On the other hand, with the advent of digital publishing and online distribution platforms like Amazon.com, Draft2Digital, and Smashwords, it’s never been easier to get work out there to readers. It’s truly a golden age for writers, independent publishers, and readers as well.

We’re just getting started. Take a look at the Our Books page and see what we’re about…

If you want to learn more about the growing independent publishing movement, you can find some great resources on author Steven Womack’s website.

Spearheading Independent Publishing