viagra india buy Spearhead Press buy cheap clomid in uk  Publishes Award-Winning Harry James Denton Series In Trade Paperback

All Six Harry James Denton Novels Now Available Across Both eBook And Print Platforms

All six books in the award-winning Harry James Denton series have now been reissued in both trade paperback and digital eBook editions by Spearhead Press. Dead Folks’ Blues, which won the Edgar Allan

Poe Award, was the first installment in the series, which featured ex-newspaper reporter turned private investigator Harry James Denton.

Torch Town Boogie, Way Past Dead, Nobody’s Chain Lays Straight,  A Manual Of Murder, and Dirty Money are also available across all major eBook platforms.

“I’m thrilled that these novels–each of which either won or was nominated for a major mystery award–will be once again widely available,” series author Steven Womack said in making the announcement.

“And when those six novels are back, I’d like to write the new adventures of Harry James Denton. He’ll be a decade or so older and maybe a little wiser. One thing’s for sure–Nashville and Harry’s world have changed a lot since we last saw him.”

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